Monday, December 21, 2009



]I will try to make this a twofer.   The first question was did you attend a religious celebration.  

Yes, we always went to Mass on Christmas and every Sunday.   It was always so exciting because we were little and the church was ablaze with candles and the altar was teeming with flowers. 

In one of the side alcoves there was the Nativity Scene, with rather large statues.   They looked life size to me at the time, but I do not know how large they really were.

It was always a High Mass, which means there was a lot of singing.   I can remember GREGORIAN CHANT MUSIC    and the scene of the incense that was wafting through the air.

We always attended the earliest service possible, usually 6 AM, but sometimes we went at  8 AM.   I do not know why they got up so early.  

Christmas Carols, the only time I have ever gone caroling was when I was in Nursing School and the students went to the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR and sang there for what seems to be  a long time.

The seniors enjoyed the singing and it brought tears to a few eyes, including our own.

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