Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today, I called Aunt Edna and told her what I had found about Olive Bauser Stephens Rauhut. I mentioned that I found Olive in Salem OH but under her new married name. Aunt Edna was really surprised, she never knew that Olive had married again. Olive is buried in Grandview Cemetery, I have to find if she has a stone.....And, where is Oswald buried? So far, I have not found any children by this union. Olive and Oswald were both about 39 when they married, so this possibility does exist.

Then I mention on Oswald Rauhut immigration papers which I found in the Western District of Pennsylvania, it had listed the step children of the Stephens. Aunt Edna said her mother in law, Mary Stephens, had talked about her mother Olive, but NEVER mentioned her remarrying and having a step father.................Neither my husband or his brother remembered their grandmother taking about it either.

Do I sense a scandal brewing, or was it just something that Mary wanted to forget?? I may never know.

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