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I am smitten by the Ohio Historical Society.   A few weeks ago I had written about trying to obtain a death certificate of Olive Stephens.   I found the name on their online index and electronically order the death certificate.

They had stated that it may take up to a month to have it processed.   Yesterday they send me an email to tell me it was on its way.

Did it take a few days because it was in their data base?  Or, are they usually so prompt.   I hope it contains the information I seek, which is mainly Olives maiden name, and if I am really Lucky the names of her parents.

Olive is my husbands great grandmother and she is buried in Ohio and her husband was buried in Pittsburgh.

My theory was that he had died in Pittsburgh and Olive moved to Ohio to stay with her daughter Irene.   Robert, he husband was buried in the Civil War Plot in Uniondale Cemetery in Pittsburgh.

Another mystery to solve and I do not know yet how to go about finding the answer…..   Robert was married before, which was indicated on the census.  The census was 1910 and found on Ancestry.  Olive and Robert were living on the North Side section of Pittsburgh PA.


(The most exciting thing about this post is I was able to cut and past a copy of the census that I had saved.  New skill mastered.)

New questions to ponder.  Who was the first wife?   Where did Olive and Robert meet?  Are there any descendants from the first marriage?   I did not find their marriage application in Allegheny County PA.

Robert was born in England (1845) and I found a (hopefully) matching entry of emigration .   It had listed on one census that he emigrated in 1850 and in the 1910 census it had listed a brother James (b. Kentucky).  I found the Family listed on the above on a census record of 1860 living in Kentucky but there was a Hiram, not James but the DOB’s match.   Guess I need to find a historical society in Kentucky.

Each answer begets ten new questions….

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