Friday, October 16, 2009


I work in a hospital and come across many people. On Wednesday I noticed a man, with the same last name as my great grandmother, was on the OR schedule.

I asked him if he was from the town in PA that my Bridget was from. He said yes, we had talked a bit and today I went to visit him again. On Thursday I had checked Ancestry and found four other men in the town with the same last name. They were all born within two years of each other.

MY THEORY and NEW COUSIN and I agree, we think that our great grandparents were probably siblings. I also talked to his daughter and I will be sending her some of my information. What a nice family, even if we are not related......Just goes to show you that you can meet family in the most unlikely places. The problem with following female relatives is that they can get lost or you not know they were there at all. The only record I have in the census for Bridget is under her married name. She also had a twin sister, whom my dad said he could not tell them apart.

I found a Margaret Naughton who was sponsor for one of Bridget and Thomas children. I think this might be THE TWIN SISTER and she married soon after that. If my dad remembers them she would have been alive in the 1920' and 1930's.

More on this development to follow.


  1. A great story Claudia! I believe we call this "serendipity" in the genealogy world - you never know who you'll meet and who will be your cousin!

  2. Wow! How exciting! And all because you took the time to make a little conversation. Imagine if more folks did that. I can't wait to hear more.