Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Did you ever come to a mystery that you can't solve? I am still looking for the Stephens Family in Allegheny County PA. My grandmother in law, Mary Stephens was born April 1900. Her sister Irene was born about 1896. There was also a brother and I do not know when he was born or when he died.

They lived in Allegheny County PA, I can find Mary And Irene after in the 1920 and 1930, after they both had married, so why can I not find them earlier?

This is proving to be a challenge, I guess I will have to pose the question on the Allegheny County Roots Web list. They are a great group of people who seem to be able to solve problems and help everyone.

This mystery is making me a little crazy, I do not think it is a brick wall, just a load of bricks on my pathway.

John and Mary wedding photo, 1918 and sister Irene and Johns brother standing. Do not know which one, it is either Charles or Joseph. I will have to ask Aunt Edna.Anton, Katharina Sperl 029

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