Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visit to the cemetery


The blog prompt suggested a visit to the cemetery and talk about your relatives.

What I have is sort of a mystery, at least to me.    I have the original certificate from Monongahela Cemetery purchased by my Great Grandfather Patrick O’Rourke.   It was purchased on 15 August 1891.   According to the files the first person buried there was Ellen, his wife, in 1924.  

How do I prove my suspicion that Dennis O’Rourke (son) and Loretta O’Rourke (daughter) d.1894 are buried there?  I can’t imagine someone buying a cemetery lot without the need, especially when money was an issue.  

In the Allegheny County Death Index, Loretta is listed as being buried there.   But the cemetery has no records of those two children. There are listed two lots as empty, is someone occupying those places.  

On the census of 1900 it states that they had ten children and six were living at that time.  I did find that John and Joseph O’Rourke were buried there as infants, which I did not know.

Each answer begets another series of questions.

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