Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Who is the guy in the picture below? I had no idea who he was.....until I heard from a man who was researching the Sperl line. It seems that his relative (Barbara Sperl) was the sister of my husbands great grandfather (Anton Sperl).

It was not till he mentioned a Sperl Family photo at a recent reunion. Look at the old guy seated in the chair. My theory is that is Christof Sperl and seated beside him is his wife Margareth Buchl. They emigrated with their two children Anton, and Barbara in 1869. They had two children in the USA one being Thomas and the other a daughter Margaret. The photo was sent to me by Patty Pschirer, who would be descendant of Barbara Sperl-Pschirer line.

What do you think about the resemblance?

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